Виаферата Мальовица, Via Ferata Maliovica

Via Ferrata "Maliovitsa" in Rila mountain

Via Ferrata, Maliovica


Виаферата Мальовица

Last steps on the way to the top.

Последни метри по пътя към върха


Via Ferrata - so called Italian steep mountain trail, which is protected by metal railings, metal steps and whose transition requires climbing. Tourists in this type of mountain routes is secured with climbing equipment, and in some places the walking on the  "path" is so aerial that resembles a real climbing ...

The Italian Dolomites are the Mecca of tourist routes through the cliffs. This style of mountain verticals overcome by people who are not climbers, was born during the First World War. Then in the Dolomites are built the first railways, which in places pass through artificial tunnels in the rocks. Through these pathways, the soldiers quickly and safely been able to reach the desired position, high in the mountains.

Today, this kind of "iron paths" is an increasingly popular tourist attraction. Bulgaria also has similar routes, one of which is located to Malyovitsa hut in the Rila Mountains. The trail was built by real mountaineers and allows everyone to touchl to thrill and beauty of alpine climbing.

Via Ferrata "Malyovitsa" goes a rock rib, located to the right of the peak doll. The route was reached with wonderful panoramic views of the valley and neighboring Urdina valley all vertices of Malyovitsa part of Rila Mountain. Since the end of Via Ferrata can down the winding path back to the valley of Malyovitsa or proceed to Malyovitsa lakes and Malyovitsa itself. The climbing of Via Ferrata in winter is smooth, but the discent is highly avalanche!

If you want to self-move route is desirable to have an alpine seat, helmet, ropes and carabiners insurance, which can be operated safely and properly. Climb depending on your pace and skills, you may take between thirty minutes and three hours. The tourists who have such equipment and skills can benefit from our proposal through Via Ferrata Malyovitsa.


We offer:

Full set of climbing equipment, mountain guide, who through additional lift system will provide you with all the difficult parts, training provided for dealing with climbing equipment, familiarization lecture area of the Rila Mountains.

Climbs can be conducted within one day, but must be comply with the specific weather conditions. During the two-day winter program, during the first day the participants are trained in rappelling alpine rope.

To take part in this adventure must have good personal equipment - clothes and shoes to match a season climbing.

Many-day options of adventure in the mountains may also include: Climbing Malyovitsa in northeast ridge of Mount Climbing evil Tooth, Downhill mountain bike to the village of Klisura or Sapareva banya, Relaxing hiking in less frequented trails and down the mountain to the Rila Monastery.

The starting point of the route is Central Mountain School  “Malyovitsa”, which can be reached by car on asphalt road. From the parking lot to the start of "The Iron Trail" (Via Ferrata) should walk about an hour and a half through pleasant forest path. In the area can spend the night in a tent in Malyovitsa, which is close to the route or in the hotels of Mecha polyana,  Gyulechitsa or village of Govedartsi.



The budget needed for adventure happening in one day in summer and autumn days is 38 EUR per person.

The price is valid for a group minimum of 6 persons.

Any group of 6 or more people may designate the days of the adventure of their choice. Please inform us about your wishes if possible one week in advance.

For individual participants or small groups we can prepare a special offer according to their wishes.

The prices include the implementation and the necessary equipment for the adventure.

The prices do not include transportation, food and accommodation for the participants


Map of the program

Ascent of Mount Zliat Zab (Evil Tooth)




Contact us:

Plamen Paunov: ++ 359 893 680 193 (0893 680 193 from Bulgaria)

Hristo Hristov: hristo@adventure-bulgaria.org, 0878 104669

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