Изкачване на връх Злият Зъб в Рила планина

Поглед от Злият Зъб

На върха на Злият Зъб

Ascent of peak Zliyat Zab (the Evil Tooth)

Malyovitsa is one of the most beautiful places of the Rila Mountain. The steep mountain walls of the peaks there are a real challenge for the climbers. In this part of the Rila Mountain there are peaks and rock formations that can be reached only by climbing. One of them is Zliyat Zab /The Evil Tooth/ Peak. It has three mountain walls, the southern one is suitable for climbing by people with no prior experience in mountaineering. Naturally, the group is accompanied by mountain guides and the participants are equipped like for a serious climbing ...

The climbing of Zliyat Zab /The Evil Tooth/ Peak has a starting point in Samokov /Govedartsi/, the Central Mountain School - Malyovitsa. The program lasts two days. The first day includes training in climbing and descent on alpine ropes. On the second day is the climbing of Zliyat Zab /The Evil Tooth/ Peak. If the group is in good condition they can climb also Orlovets or Malyovica Peaks on the northeastern ridge. The multi-day program can be combined with the program Viaferata Malyovitsa as well.

Starting point of the group - the Central Mountain School Malyovitsa. The place of accommodation is at the choice of the participants /tents, mountain shelter, hut, hotel/.

Video from climbing Zliyat Zab /The Evil Tooth/ Peak

Map of the program

The program can be carried out if weather permits.



Two-day program is 80 EUR per person

The price is valid for groups of minimum 6 participants.

Any group of 6 or more people may designate the days of the adventure of their choice. Please inform us about your wishes if possible one week in advance.

For individual participants or small groups under 6 people we can prepare a special offer according to their wishes.

The prices include the implementation and the necessary equipment for the adventure.

The prices do not include transportation, food and accommodation for the participants



  • The rock edge of Zliyat Zab /The Evil Tooth/ Peak whose conquer requires climbing.

  • Panorama of the northwest of Zliyat Zab /The Evil Tooth/ Peak.

  • Photo from the highest point of the mountain as a souvenir.

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