В пещера Водопада, Крушуна

Водопада в пещера Маарата, Крушуна

Пещера Водопада, тиймбилдинг с клуб Еделвайс

Подземната река - тимбилдинг в пещера

В подземното езеро на пещера Водопада, Крушуна

Underground river

Edelweiss Club is pleased to invite fans of challenges in the most attractive, natural, underground water park in Bulgaria.

Our special "spa offer" lets you immerse yourself in spring water and go swimming in rivers, caves, waterfalls and lakes, hidden in the bowels of the Devetaki Plateau and Vratsa Mountain.

From the film about the adventure, you will get a better idea of the feel of the experience.

The adventure, which we offer happened in Waterfall Cave, located near the village Krushuna. The village is close to the towns of Pleven, Levski and Pleven. The exact location of the cave you can see from the map.

At the site of the underground water adventure has a trail that starts from the outskirts of the village and passes Krushuna fabulous waterfalls.

Participants in the mishap will be fitted with neoprene clothes and jackets that provide warmth and comfort during movement underground lakes. Water begins from the entrance of the cave, but not required to be a good swimmer to participate in such an adventure. Wetsuit and lifejacket will keep you afloat even if you cannot swim.

The adventure in the cave continues for about two and a half - three hours depending on the the mobility of group and the level of underground water. The final route of adrenaline lovers have the opportunity to "jump high" in the underground lake or go down to jump in one of the underground waterfalls.

The surroundings of the cave are very pleasant for walking and recreation. In the region can be made two days or lasting many days adventure program that includes downhill kayaks on the river Osam, visiting natural attraction Devetaki cave, climbing and rappelling on alpine rope.

An alternative to such a challenge is Ponora Cave, located near the town of Vratsa. There penetration through the water to the bottom of the earth's long, and the decor of the event is like a movie about a secret military site abandoned during the Second World War ...

The underground rivers of Cave Vodopada (Waterfall) and Cave  Ponora are appropriate for visiting all year round and most pleasant seasons are late spring, summer and autumn. An exception to this time of year are days with forecast heavy rainfall, which can cause a sharp rise in groundwater.


The adventure in the underground river is 50 EUR per person for group of 10 participants.

The price includes two cave guides and special equipment. The price does not include transportation to the starting point and food for the participants.

On the posting pictures you can see:

  • Picture of remembrance for the final cave lake.

  • Upstream of underground water.

  • One of the lakes in the Waterfall Cave, Krushuna

  • Our colleague Marin helps participants on an adventure with climbing another water jump.

  • A representative of the school of mountain guides in the village of Cherni Osam during the "practical training" in the Waterfall Cave.


Video presentation of the program.

Another cave adventure

For more information and bookings:

Hristo Hristov: hristo@adventure-bulgaria.org, 0878 104669

Georgy Andonov: andonov.georgi@gmail.com, 0878 104667