С каяк по река Струма през Кожух планина

Struma River in the area of the extinct volcano of Kojuh Mountain

Река Струма при Кожух планина

Kayaking in Kresna Gorge

Rafting and kayaking on the Struma river

In the Kresna Gorge in August

С каяк в Кресненския пролом, In the Kresna Gorge in August

The mountain river in the Devil's ravine

Шейтан дере, Кресна, Sheitan dere, The mountain river in the Devil's ravine

Waterfalls of "Shaitan Dere" /Devil's ravine/

Waterfalls of "Shaitan Dere" - Devil's ravine

Struma River between Nevestino and Boboshevo

Надуваем каяк по река СТрума

Struma River in the village Skrino near Ruen Monastery

Река Струма до село Вуково

The start of kayaking near the village Pastuh

С каяк  по река Струма при село Пастух

Waterfall Skaklya in Zemen Gorge

Водопада Скакля в Земенския пролом

Rapids of the river Struma River in Zemen Gorge

Двуместен надуваем каяк на клуб Еделвайс

Kayaking on the Struma River

Our team offers four locations for kayaking on the Struma River, which are suitable for people with little experience in riding a inflatable boat.


The Struma River in the Kozhuh Mountain and Rupite

The route is scenic and attractive for the water trip fans. The starting point, dependent on the water level of the river is the villages of Struma and Damyanitsa close to town of Sandanski. The water route crosses the Kozhuh Mountain, which is one of the extinct volcanoes on our lands. The final of the adventure is in the vicinity of village of Marikostino. The trip can be made within one or two days and be combined with a visit to the healing mineral springs in the area of Rupite, a visit of the temple of the Bulgarian prophetess Baba Vanga, adrenaline climbing on the volcanic rocks of the Kozhuh Mountain. The most pleasant seasons for this water trip are the late spring, the early summer and the autumn. In late April and early May the water trip through the Kozhuh Mountain can be perfectly combined with skiing on the high parts of the Pirin Mountain, in the areas of Tevno Lake and Kamenitsa Hut.


Kresna Gorge

This is the most popular place for rafting and kayaking in Bulgaria. Here, as the level of difficulty are two separate sections. The easy route is suitable for beginners boatmen. The ride starts from the middle of the gorge and finish in the town of Kresna. Hardest route is suitable for people with experience in riding a two-seater kayak and starts near the town Simitli. This route passes the popular rafting route in Kresna Gorge. Hardest route is not always safe and downhill it can be done only under proper water conditions and trained crew. Relatively good level of the water for inflatable kayak on the difficult route of Kresna can have in the months from June to August. Video of this route during the summer you can see from the link:

With inflatable kayak in Kresna Gorge - video

Photos from the Kresna Gorge

Kayaking in this area can be combined with elements of canyoning into the ravine of Shaitan Dere /Devil's ravine/ and the final could be in "thermal bath".

In spring and early summer, Kresna Gorge is suitable for rafting


The Gorge of the Struma River at the Ruen Monastery: The Struma River has washed away a beautiful gorge between the Konyavska and Osogovo Mountains that is very suitable for kayaking in inflatable kayak. The start of the trip is in calm water, where the crews can easily learn the subtleties of boating. Next there are a few small rapids, where they can practise the skills acquired. After this water overture a pleasant paddling down in the gorge below the Ruen Monastery begins. To the final of the water trip they pass through several adrenaline rapids where the boatmen improve their skills. The program can be within one or two days. The two-day adventure starts from Nevestino, close to town of Kyustendil. The one-day programs start from village of Pastuh, located in the middle of the gorge. The final is at the foot of village of Skrino. The program can be combined with a visit to Yana Hut, St. Ivan Rilski Cave, the Ruen Monastery, mountain biking in the Osogovo Mountain. Comfortable sleeping accommodations in the area can be found in a camp near the Struma River, a guest house in village of Pastuh, Yana Hut, hotels in Kyustendil and Osogovo Mountain.

The location of the program is an hour and a half drive from Sofia and half an hour from the towns of Dupnitsa, Blagoevgrad and Kyustendil. The most suitable seasons for the adventure are the spring and the early summer. In late April and early May the water trip between Nevestino and Boboshevo can be perfectly combined with skiing on the high parts of the Rila Mountain in the area of the Seven Rila Lakes and Ivan Vazov Hut.


The Zemen Gorge: The program is for adventurers who despite the difficulties will reach the final goal. The Zemen Gorge is still one of the wild and untouched by the mass tourist places in Bulgaria. It is located along the Struma River, between the towns of Zemen and Kyustendil. The difficulty level requires the participants to have prior experience in sailing two-seated, inflatable kayak or similar boat. The river has a number of quiet sections, meandering rapids and trees fallen in the water that make the route a real challenge, even for good kayakers.

The two-day program starts from town of Zemen and provides a camp at the foot of Skaklya Waterfall. The one-day program starts from Skaklya Waterfall and continues to the end of the gorge near village of Razhdavitsa. The best season for the Zemen Gorge is May and June.

Map of the described areas


Personal equipment required:

Swimsuit, towel, sandwich and willingness to participate in the adventure. We provide the rest like boats, neoprene wetsuits, helmets, life-jackets, half-boots, guides of the group ...



Kayaking on the Struma river near Ruen Monastery: 30 EUR per person.

All day program in Kresna Gorge 35 EUR per person. The program includes: kayaking + visit to the Waterfalls of "Shaitan Dere" /Devil's ravine/ and trekking or rappelling on an alpine rope.

Kayaking in the areas of Zemen Gorge or Struma River in the Kozhuh Mountain we offer as a two-day program at a cost of 70 euro per person for two days.

The price is valid for groups of minimum 10 participants.

Any group of 10 or more people may designate the days of the adventure of their choice. Please inform us about your wishes if possible one week in advance.

For individual participants or small groups under 10 people we can prepare a special offer according to their wishes.

The prices include the implementation and the necessary equipment for the adventure.

The prices do not include transportation, food and accommodation for the participants


Other kayaking areas:

The Iskar River

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