Североизточният ръб на Злия зъб

Descent from Mount "Evil Tooth" in Rila Mountain.

На слизане от Злия зъб в Рила планина

 Rock tower "The Tooth" in the Vratsa Balkan.

Зъбът на врачанските скали

Climbing on the rock tower "The Tooth"

Катерене на Враца

Climbing into Prohodna cave

Катерене  в пещера Проходна


The program is suitable for people without experience in climbing, but want to experience the adrenaline and excitement of this adventure.

The adventure includes climbing, rappelling on a rope, practical exercises to use specific equipment.

In spring, summer and autumn we offer four regions where, depending on the season and weather conditions can make climbing adventure.


Kominite /The Chimneys/ on Vitosha Mountain: Rock massif of "Chimneys" is located on the northern slopes of Vitosha Mountain, close to Sofia. Up to climbing routes is reached after a short hike in the forest zone of the mountain. The place is very suitable for first steps in mountaineering. At the top of the rocks is a beautiful view towards the whole Sofia plain and western Balkan Mountains.The adventure can be realized on all days from May to late October. Climbing program can be combined with descent to the city via the area of  Boyana waterfall. On warm summer days hunters challenges can rappelling through the spray of the Boyana waterfall. The program can be one or more days.


Zabat /The Tooth/ of the Vratsa Balkan Mountains Vratsa cliffs are one of the most popular tourist sites in Bulgaria for mountaineering. They are located near the Vrattzata Pass close to the town of the same name. They can be reached by car from the plain or by bicycle through the mountain. From the magnificent view there the rock tower “Zabat” /The Tooth/ stands out, depicted in the third picture on this page. The name of the sharp cliff itself talks about the inaccessibility of this massif, but to its summit a hiking trail leads, suitable for people with little experience in the field of mountaineering. Along this trail, relatively easy, you can get to the summit of “Zabat” /The Tooth/, from where climbing down on a rope to the plain land starts.

The program in this area is suited for the spring, the autumn and the cool summer. The adventure is within two days, as on the first day you ascend small routes and train to climb down from the top of the rock tower.


Zliyat zab /The Evil Tooth/ in the Rila Mountain: The peaks and the cliffs in the Malyovitsa part of the Rila Mountain are the cradle of the Bulgarian mountaineering. The climbing program there lasts at least two days and its ambitious goal is the climbing of peak Zliyat zab /The Evil Tooth/ on the northeastern ridge. The route is high in the mountain and its completion requires good physical preparation.

The peak “Zliyat zab” /Evil Tooth/ is one of the Rila’s giants to which no hiking trails lead. Its southeastern side is one of the biggest challenges for the Bulgarian mountaineers. The easiest route to peak Zliya zab /The Evil Tooth/ is from the south. Another relatively accessible, but extremely full of adrenaline route is the northeastern edge, after that a sharp horizontal ridge leads up to the top of Zliya zab /The Evil Tooth/. This is the route of our climbing. The first picture on this page is from the climbing on the northeastern edge of Zliya zab /The Evil Tooth/. The second photo shows the descent from the peak, on the route on the southern side.

This program is for people with little experience in climbing and can be performed only under appropriate weather conditions in the summer or the first
autumn days.


Climbing in cave Prohodna Cave Prohodna is located in the karst area of Karlukovo close to town of Lukovit. The area is a perfect combination of caves, natural arches, less visited canyons and a river that are natural scenery of various adventurous activities. There can take place a climbing program for beginners, not dependent on the weather conditions. Anywhere else in Bulgaria it can be poured with rain or be boiling hot, but the rocks in the cave Prohodna are dry and cool. The program can be combined with boats, biking, rappelling with alpine ropes in caves, visiting ancient cave churches and a nice bivouac with campfire. More details about the place you can see on the link of cave Prohodna. The program in this area can be one-day or multi-day from April to October.



The one-day climbing program at Kominite /The Chimneys/ or cave Prohodna amounts at 40 EUR for a group of 6 participants.

The two-day climbing program close to Vratsa is 80 EUR per person for two days for a group of minimum 6 participants.

The two-day program in the Rila Mountain, including the climbing of peak Zliyat Zab /The Evil Tooth/ is 80 EUR per person for a group of minimum 6 participants.

For individual participants or small groups under 6 people we can prepare a special offer according to their wishes.

The prices include the implementation and the necessary equipment for the adventure.

The prices do not include transportation, food and accommodation for the participants

Contact us:

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Hristo Hristov: hristo@adventure-bulgaria.org, 0878 104669

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