Сталактити в пещера Елата

Abseiling through the entrance of a cave "Elata"

Спускане в пещера Елата

Cave Stalactone

Сталактон в пещера Елата

Little underground lake

Езеро в пещера Елата

Rappelling in a wild cave

The cave "Elata" is located in the Ponor Mountain that is part of the western Balkan Mountains. Starting point of the adventure is town of Svoge. The cave is in the vicinity of village of Zimevitsa, situated on a high plateau above the Iskar Gorge - 60 kilometers on the north of Sofia.

"Elata" is relatively small, but at the same time very beautiful cave. You can go in there by sliding an alpine rope through ”a vertical chimney”. Then comes a large hall with bizarre underground formations and climbing down to a small underground lake. The way back to the sun is again on an alpine rope or a cave ladder ...

The adventure to cave Elata includes also a short hike in the vicinity of peak Sarbenitsa, from where a magnificent view of the entire western Balkan Mountains reveals. In the summer you can continue the trip from the cave by mountain bike and descend to the scenic valley of the Iskretska River. In the winter, when there is a heavy snow, the cave can be reached by skiing as the way back downhill is on northern slope and untouched snow ...

The personal equipment necessary for cave Elata is a pair of clothes about which you do not worry, if they get dirty or frayed by the rocks ...

The multi-day adventure programs in the area can include scenic biking tours, canyoning through waterfalls, rafting or kayaking on the Iskar River, climbing on the Lakathnik rocks...



The adventure in the "Elata" cave is 35 EUR per person.

The price is valid for groups of minimum 8 participants.

Any group of 8 or more people may designate the days of the adventure of their choice. Please inform us about your wishes if possible one week in advance.

For individual participants or small groups under 8 people we can prepare a special offer according to their wishes.

The prices include the implementation and the necessary equipment for the adventure.

The prices do not include transportation, food and accommodation for the participants


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For more information and bookings:

Plamen Paunov: ++ 359 893 680 193 (0893 680 193 from Bulgaria)

Hristo Hristov: hristo@adventure-bulgaria.org, 0878 104669

Georgy Andonov: andonov.georgi@gmail.com, 0878 104667