Our team can provide team building programmes involving mind games and rope gardens in any location across Bulgaria. Our adventure, adrenaline-rush and mountain programmes require adjusting the team building activity to the natural landscape, the season and the specific weather conditions. The team building effort is most beneficial when the game and the exercises are designed for an area offering interesting possibilities. For instance, if the participants are staying in Ribaritsa, the nearby karst plateau of Karlukovo presents a better option for team building activities than the hotel lawn. We strive to offer the best programme in the most attractive locality which is closest to your company’s location or your pre-selected accommodation facilities.

Below you will find information about our programmes mapped by geographical location as well as a brief psychological overview of our adventure programmes.


We have provisionally divided Bulgaria in several types of regions and we use their features to generate our specific programmes.

1. Karts regions: This category covers regions of Bulgaria where the landscape boasts caves, canyons, rock arches and other natural phenomena. Such regions are situated at a high altitude and are only marginally influenced by the weather dynamics – which means that our programme can take place even if the weather forecast predicts bad weather conditions across most of Bulgaria. Typical karst settings in North Bulgaria include the Iskar Defile, the valley of the Osam River around Devetaki, and Dryanovo. A cluster of suitable karst locations south of the Balkan Mountain can be found in the Rhodope Mountain at Chudnite Mostove (Wonder Bridges) and Trigrad. Here we have selected only three options from our extensive list of regions: The Iskar River Valley, Underground Trails and Underground River. All three choices involve boats, and in two of the programmes the participants will travel across an underground lake.

2. Historic strongholds: Programmes can take place against the natural backdrop of old Bulgarian strongholds. Mount Tsarevets in Veliko Tarnovo and the forts in Lovech and Belogradchik are a few possible locations. A key element in these programmes will be a game of logic based on actual historical facts and events. Activities are based in the lower parts of the country and can take place all year round. A trip by boats along the Yantra River is an essential part of the team building programme called The Walls of Tsarevets.

3. Mountain programmes: "Conquer the peaks together…"  That is out team’s motto and we have often practiced what we preach in various mountains in Europe, Asia and South America. The challenging mountain conditions are a genuine touchstone of human character and a major catalyst for teamwork. In order to adapt our programme for those accustomed to the daily office routine, we have designed 1-day and 2-day activities which develop standard team building elements in a mountain setting. Mind games, climbing, orienteering, biking and paintball battles will make an entertaining programme even for those who rarely look up to the mountains. If you prefer the hotel facilities of Bansko or Borovets, we will offer you programmes in the lower or higher parts of the mountain depending on the season and the weather. You can learn more from our Mountain Echoes programme. If large resorts are not your preferred choice, you can pick smaller picturesque places like Panichishte in the Rila Mountain, Ribaritsa and Troyan at the foot of the Balkan Mountain, or Chudnite Mostove (Wonder Bridges), Devin and Trigrad in the Rhodope Mountain. These are only a few suggestions from our extensive list of mountain choices.

4. Water basins and rivers: Boat games are an essential building block of adventure team building programmes. This type of exercises aims to emphasise communication between the team, performance synergy, leadership, the ability to quickly make right decisions in stressful situations. Almost all our programmes taking place in karst areas or at the sea involve boating. Expanding this activity into a full-scale river journey or a more extreme rafting exercise will certainly boost team building efficiency and impact. We offer activities along the Iskar River around Lakatnik and Karlukovo, the Yantra River at Veliko Tarnovo, the Arda River near Madjarovo, and the mouth of the Veleka River near Sinemorets. Interesting programmes in the Rhodope region include the dams of Batak and Golyam Beglig. The point of departure is Velingrad. See more details of our programs: Valley of the rock towers, The Mountain of Orpheus and In Search of Lost Civilizations.

5. Seaside programmes: Programmes cover the Black Sea coastline in Bulgaria and are designed for the large famous resorts as well as wild spots like Kamen Bryag (Rocky Cliffs), Tyulenovo and Silistar. Programmes taking place in spring and autumn can benefit from off-season prices for hotel accommodation and outdoor activities on the beach. River mouths offer an excellent opportunity for boat games. You can learn more from our Jolly Roger programme.




The Iskar River Valley

Adventure programme on the karts plateau of Karlukovo + the Balkan Mountain above Ribaritsa, Northwest Bulgaria



Mountain Echoes

Programmes in Rila and Pirin mountains near Bansko, Borovets, Malyovitsa & Panichishte - Southwest Bulgaria.



Jolly Roger

A programme at the Black Sea coast, East Bulgaria



The Mountain of Orpheus

Programmes in the Central and Western Rhodope Mountain (Velingrad, Devin, Pamporovo, Smolyan, Trigrad, Chepelare), South Central Bulgaria



Underground Trails

Adventure programme in the karts regions of Devetashkoto Plateau, the Iskar Defile and the Balkan Foothills around Troyan, North Central Bulgaria



The Walls of Tsarevets

A programme at the strongholds of Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech and Belogradchik, North Central and Northwest Bulgaria



Underground River

Programme in central of North Bulgaria near Lovech.



Valley of the rock towers

Programme with boats on the river, cave and rope exercises near Sofia.



In Search of Lost Civilizations

Programmes in the Eastern Rhodope Mountain and along the Arda River starting from Kurdjali, Haskovo, Madjarovo, South Bulgaria





The Last Supper

Training on communication skills.


The programmes listed here present only a small fraction of potential offers we can provide. If you have trouble selecting the best fit or you want to have a programme in a specific region, please contact us and we will be happy to give you the best team building solution for your team.