Photo presentation of our programs 1/10

Check the skills of the crew before the big wave came!

Teambuilding program on the beach Sinemorets, Bulgaria


Our programs use different teambuilding formats and are excellent way to explore the relationships between colleagues.

Water teambuilding activities with club Edelweiss, Bulgaria.


Adventure teambuilding activities quickly bring people closer and have a motivating effect for the job.

Ropes teambuilding exercise in a program of club Edelweiss, Bulgaria.


Team spirit and synergy can easily be subjected to the test by our water programs.

Team Building with rafting and kayaking in Bulgaria.


Leading the team and the organization of work are the focus of our military task "squad with special purpose".

Team building with military tasks and military style. Paintball and Airsoft in Bulgaria.


Precise execution of details and generation of working ideas are some of the highlights of the team building format "The Mission".

Logical teambuilding task into the cave Prohodna, Bulgaria


The mutual support and motivation to reach the target are tested in a rope team building activities.

Rope teambuilding exercises near Sofia.


Creative and innovative approach is the priority in our teambuilding format "The show of colleagues."

Shamanic dance - creative teambuilding task of Club Edelweiss, Bulgaria.


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